Microphone Audio on video sounds fine normally, becomes distorted when put in Vegas Pro 17


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I recorded about 2 1/2 hours of footage yesterday with my audio split between my desktop audio, a discord call, and my microphone using Voicemeeter Banana. The recording itself when played with a media player sounds fine and there aren't any problems. It's when I try to edit the video that things get messed up. The other two audio inputs on the video sound fine while my microphone's audio will randomly "peak" with distorted, robotic-ish audio. It sounds like as if my microphone audio was put through a filter and then small, frame-sized portions of that filtered audio was put on top of the regular audio. I'm unsure if this is an OBS problem or a Vegas problem (probably Vegas), but I'm starting here in case it may be an issue with rendering the video (mkv to mp4).


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