Microphone Audio cutting out (Request for help)


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Running Stream Elements OBS.Live
Avermedia video capture device
Samson G-Track Pro desktop mic
Arctis Pro Headset

I'm having issues with the Samson G-Track Pro mic input dropping after a varied amount of time with OBS.Live running.

I can have this mic live, and active for days on end with set as the default windows device and it works fine. Shortly after opening OBS.Live the mic goes dead, and does not register input in windows anymore, and needs to be disconnected and reconnected work again. This can take from 0 seconds, up to around a minute i've seen. no consistency whatsoever, other than the fact it will cut out.

Using the Arctis headset, mic input works fine, indefinitely, no issues... but i would like to add the Samson mic as a secondary input so i can participate in group chat through the headset, and have the mic broadcasting to the stream. (the same issue happens with or without the headset input active)

I found a post here suggesting the issue may be an issue with audio buffering: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/microphone-getting-cut-out.9804/
but this is from 2013, and i'm unable to find an equivalent setting on the current build of the obs software.

https://obsproject.com/logs/EdqY77g9IdStIVeg Log file from immediately after the mic cuts out.

I am hoping someone here with more knowledge/experiencing in streaming, or the operation of the obs software can assist... its kinda driving me crazy at this point.