Question / Help Mic volume meter too high, yet sound is perfectly fine.


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Firstly let me apologize if this has been brought up before. I did do a small search before and didn't find anything. I even tried google-fu and that too brought up nothing relative.

As it says in the title, my Mic volume meter is borderline yellow all the time. Constantly... however, the output is just fine. There are no crackles, cut-offs, distortion or anything. This has been bothering me for a while now, and I know the saying if it isn't broke don't fix it but I would like it to be somewhat normalised so I can gauge the volume between the mic and the audio of everything else rather than having to constantly rely on asking people 'Does this sound good?'

I have attached a picture to show you where it normalises at. It even says that the left and right are imbalanced when they are not.
I am not intending to sell out, but there is a few videos you could watch from my broadcast so you can hear the audio quality if you would like a reference.

My audio equipment is:

Behringer Xenyx 802 with british EQ mixer.
Stagg XLR cable.
Audio Technica AT2035 Microphone.
Behringer uControl UCA202 external sound card.

I have tried with different XLR cables, RCA? cables (I forgot the name of these, one red and one white head which goes from my card to my mixer) and 3.5mm cables and it does the same. I don't have a second mixer or mic spare to see if these are the culprit.

I hope you guys can help, and thank you in advance for any input you could provide.


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Yellow isn't a sign of a problem, it's just alerting you that you are getting close to peak level. As long as you aren't hitting the end of the red bar, your audio won't be clipping so you're fine.


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Sometimes it does. This was without making any noise, when I talk, sometimes it does peak full bars. Looking from other people's setups (one of which had something very identical to mine, all except mic) and their volume bars were not as colourful as mine are.. :D

I also have a compressor and a cut-off filter - I fiddle or turn these on or off, nothing changes. I can disconnect my mic entirely and they are still the same levels. It makes it extremely hard to judge audio level and try to get a balance.