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MATRIC - Much more then just a stream deck

MATRIC is a sort of universal application remote control with focus leaning towards gaming (think of it as easily drag&drop configurable button box on smartphone/tablet controlling apps on Windows PC). It is similar to Elgato Stream Deck or Roccat Power Grid. While it is not a tool exclusively for remote controlling OBS Studio, from version 1.26 it includes native support for OBS studio so you can assign OBS commands to MATRIC buttons (switching scenes, managing transitions, toggling...

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tgudelj updated MATRIC with a new update entry:

1.28 is available

This release brings several new features:
  • Expanded OBS Studio integration
    - added reply buffer and audio input toggle commands
    - requires obs-websocket plugin 4.7. Get the installer here
    - Due to bug in obs-websocket plugin 4.7 switching to studio mode will crash OBS Studio. Workaround is, do not switch to studio mode using MATRIC until the issue in obs-websocket gets fixed
  • Immersive mode support for...

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tgudelj updated MATRIC with a new update entry:

Major update to MATRIC!

This is a major update to MATRIC!
- Completely rewritten UI - faster, prettier, more stable
- Open URL action - opens the default browser
- Play audio - plays audio file on PC
- Visual toggle - set the buttons to visually behave like toggle
- C# integration API wrapper (docs coming soon)
- Enhancements to virtual joystick functions (auto center, auto reset axis etc.)
- More interactive and engaging deck sharing
- Beta channel - you can subscribe to beta channel to receive in app...

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