Semi-free MATRIC 1.28

Among various bugfixes and tweaks, 1.30 brings volume control to OBS Studio capabilities via sliders.

This release brings several new features:
  • Expanded OBS Studio integration
    • added replay buffer and audio input toggle commands
    • requires obs-websocket plugin 4.7. Get the installer here
    • Due to bug in obs-websocket plugin 4.7 switching to studio mode will crash OBS Studio. Workaround: do not switch to studio mode using MATRIC until the issue in obs-websocket gets fixed
  • Immersive mode support for Android client version 1.28
    • app header (select server/deck) and Android status and navigation bars will be hidden in this mode until you swipe from screen edge
    • immersive mode is disabled by default but can be enabled in Android client settings
  • Expanded logging capabilities for troubleshooting purposes. Off by default, must be turned on by manually editing config file
    • hopefully, you'll never need this one :)
  • Fixed OBS command start/stop streaming was erroneously mapped to start/stop recording
  • Fixed when executing Run app command, process will now start in target app directory
  • Fixed prevent image duplication when copying buttons