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Material Dark v1


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Hi, love this theme, it is my default. But when using v26-RC3, the context-bar restart/play/pause media controls and vlc controls icon is incorrect.. I filed it to OBS forgetting that I was using Material Dark instead of .. "Regular" Dark. Ha h ah aha!



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Hey, when I use the material dark theme, the icon of OBS does not appear.. It's just appeared as solid. I really love this theme, so i hope anyone of you can help me, thanks!


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I'm wondering something, I would not call it a problem but. Every time a switch theme when I do system it's like a dark blue and teal coloring which does not seem right because, when I watched a tutorial they were using system and it what a white and black coloring. Does anyone else experience this?


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Hey just a note regarding the v27 RC1 at the moment when using this theme, no scroll bars show up. There is also some inconsistency with DPI scaling since some changes were made in that regard since v26 as well.


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Nice theme! I love the colors.
When using the theme the Play/Pause button does not change in the media control bar. For example, if I'm playing something it won't change to Pause or change to Play if it is paused. Another example, if I wasn't playing anything when I applied the theme, the button will stay as Restart. Some of the button labels get cut off as well. I included a screenshot below of when something is playing.



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Never mind, sorry, I just realized that's the entire dashboard embedded :)
Still, would love to see an update with some issues mentioned here fixed (that appears to have been introduced with version 27 of OBS)