macOS Audio Capture specific channels


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Since macOS 13 OBS has been able to capture audio directly from the OS. Meaning complicated virtual cable routing is no longer required. Hooray, but wait....

I make music and have a fair complicated studio set up. I have many channels of audio running on my system. Some of them are control channels not meant to be heard sending clock and control signals out to other devices. OBS seems to indiscriminately send ALL audio out from a DAW. Even if I have my DAW set up to directly route the control signals through my interface out channels 3 & 4 and never be heard because all my main audio goes out channels 1 & 2.

This is highly frustrating and means I can never use ADAT to send control signals to my synths if I am streaming.


The next version of OBS, currently in Beta, adds the ability to select which two channels from a CoreAudio input are used in OBS, instead of down mixing them all.