Bug Report Macbook Pro Facetime HD Camera 720p doesn't work in OBS on Windows


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Hello guys how are you? I am Twitch streamer and I am writing this post cause I am desperate. Basically I've installed Windows on my Macbook Pro with touchbar (cause the macOS version doesn't have the awesome OBS.live extension from Streamelements) and when I set up my webcam as Video Capture Device the webcam only works at 640x480p ! If I try to set it at 720p it doesn't show anything on screen!

Looking on the internet I've found that changing the video format to NV12 might help and it did, for a period the 720p resolution worked (somehow) but then again recently it STOPPED working and now I have to stream with the infamous and rather ancient 480p resolution.

Is anyone having this problem? Is there a fix for this? Is this an OBS bug or a Windows problem? How to solve it? Plisssss help!!!

Thank you in advance <3


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But you said you can't. Or at least that's what I understood when you said it worked at 480p but not at 720p. If 480p is good enough, by all means use it. If you've already done the usual (remove driver, reinstall driver, re-downloaded windows support software) I'm not aware of any other suggestions.


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I'm not sure why you're bumping, there's not much more you can possibly get in terms of answer. OBS devs aren't writing Windows drivers for cameras in MacBooks.