Mac big sur 11.2.3 audio capture for livestreaming


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I am writing that in case it may help someone who is still struggling even after using AethersHill's solution.
I was also getting crazy with this issue, tried Soundflower, blackhole and every tutorial or forum tip I could find and it never worked. It finally worked when I decided to stop trying to use the solution of the multi-output device. What I simply did is open OBS, go to Settings, Audio, select Default for Desktop Audio, select the device I need for Mic/Auxiliary Audio, apply settings, and close. Then go to the Audio Mixer, click on the gray wheel in Desktop Audio, click on Advanced Audio Properties, and for the Mic/Aux, select Monitor Only in the Audio Monitoring tab. Everything worked after that. Why I don't need the mutli-output device? I don't know. I am on MacOS Big Sur 11.5.2.