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All Versions Low upload speed: how to find the right settings!

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Low upload speed: how to find the right settings! - Table of different suficient resolutions and framerates for different upload speeds with some advice

Hey guys,

This guide is especially for people with an upload-speed between around 700-1200 Kbit/s, because above this you shouldn't have that much trouble in finding convincing settings (540p easily)!

I considered to provide a relatively stable stream, rather than just a good looking stream at no motion!

If there are any mistakes, as well in content as in language, you are welcome to send me a PM, so I can correct them.

I was struggling, finding the right settings for my...

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70 KiloBITs/s? Wow, that's almost like in stone-age.
I should be happy with my 1 Mb/s upload then, I guess... :P
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Its always nice to profit from someone else experiences, thank you for putting this guide together.