Question / Help LOW FPS when Streaming on Macbook PRO plz help! LOG FILE INCLUDED


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Hi everyone, I am somewhat new to streaming and could rly use your help.

The issue I've encountered, which i believe is pretty popular on this forum site is that when I stream my FPS is generally low, although on OBS it says its between 25-30 i feel like it gets more to 20 and lower sometimes. I stream in 720p, I've tried 1080 but it was obviously worse.

I stream so far 2 things.
1. Photoshop stuff and designing artwork - I do window capture for that one, as well i connect my web cam and external mic.
2. Games that go through ps4 into remote control on the mac and then window capture through obs.

When looking at obs studio mode, everything looks fine. But on Twitch the window capture is always lagging whether its ps4 or photoshop stuff while the camera is good solid 30fps.

Is it just because of the laptop or is something with my settings wrong?

My Macbook conf.
2.9 ghz I7
16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3
Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB

Internet speed
download 80+mbps
upload 17 mbps

OBS Settings
Video Bitrate 2500-3000
Base Canvas resolution 1920x1080
Output Scaled resolution 1280x720
Downscale filter bicubic
Encoder Preset very fast

TNX Ahead for the help!


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Lag figures are for the entire session. During that session you used both the "Photoshop" and the "PS4" scenes.