Bug Report Low Audio Quality in DJ Live Streaming

Erik Gimenez

New Member
Hi there!

I've a desktop computer i7 2th generation with 8gb ram, 1gb video card (nvidia) and now i buyed a pci professional sound card M-Audio Audiophille 192. Operational System is Win10.
Actually, i´m doing DJ live streaming on youtube using the last update of OBS Studio 25.0.8 and i´m realizing that the audio quality is poor during the live streaming. I already configured the audio bit rate the OBS to streaming to 320kbps and nothing changed. During the live streaming, the audio quality seems to be at a rate of 96kbps (low quality) and i know that youtube accepts a maximum 160kbps. I was using the motherboard´s PCI soundcard and now i buyed this PCI professional soundcard M-Audio and nothing changed. Anyone knows which the real audio bit rate the OBS supply to youtube during the live streaming? Because i change the audio bit rate and nothing changes, the same low quality to both config (if you change to 160 or 320kbps, whatever). My DJ setup is a Pioneer Mixer S9 and i'm using balanced input on the PCI professional soundcard M-Audio and my sound tracks is in high quality too (mp3 in 320kbps and flac). In other words, i'm sending high quality audio to the PCI soundcard and the audio live streaming on youtube stays in low quality, as if it were 96kbps audio bit rate. The OBS supplies support for this? Anyone could help me please!