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    Default mixer DB level

    Hello guys, I have been going back and forth on this topic for a while and can't find a solution. I am streaming dj sets live daily and wondering why isn't it possible to change the volume range and the color scheme accordingly. The current (default) volume range is way too low for music...
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    SOS! Buzzing Sound Won't Go Away No Matter What I Do

    Hey! I started using OBS Studio a while back to stream my DJ sets. I have a DDJ400 and its outputs are 2 RCA cables. I first was sticking this into a TRRS adapter and then into a Lenovo dock I had. It worked in OBS but getting OBS to recognize the dock would sometimes take up to an hour of...
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    Pioneer DDJSX2 2IN2OUT OBS

    Hi, Recently been streaming dj sets through OBS perfectly fine, direct audio. But this week I switched out my pioneer controller to play with a mini controller Numark dj2go2. Curious I went to OBS to see if I could stream the same way, device not recognized. Was told I need an audio interface...
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    Bug Report Low Audio Quality in DJ Live Streaming

    Hi there! I've a desktop computer i7 2th generation with 8gb ram, 1gb video card (nvidia) and now i buyed a pci professional sound card M-Audio Audiophille 192. Operational System is Win10. Actually, i´m doing DJ live streaming on youtube using the last update of OBS Studio 25.0.8 and i´m...
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    Question / Help Multiple Remote Sources for DJ Livestream

    I'm looking to set up a 48 hour live stream with multiple DJs from around the world. Is it possible to to have their Audio and Visual into one OBS session so that one person can have control over it all? Im familiar with OBS ninja but looking to see if theres an alternative/ advice about how to...
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    Question / Help obs & native instrument audio 4 dj

    hello i just installed obs to make dj sets on facebook live, obs sees the sound card, but nothing comes out ... has someone already tried this kind of configuration?
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    Auto Scene Script (For Live DJ Streams)

    Hi Is there a way or a script, which would allow transitions between scenes automatically. Main reason is for doing DJing videos and looking for a way where I would have a setup of a few cameras. 1 camera for each scene. But I want to transition between the cameras automatically based on a...