Question / Help Lots of render stalls, especially in Unity Games.

So. I am trying to record gameplay from some Unity games (other games I tried work just fine, actually). The games run perfectly smooth but the resulting video is lagging like crazy. x.264 lags a lot and NVENC (new) lags even more.

Most important settings:
  • VSync (ingame): On
  • Game resolution: 3840x2160
  • Recording resolution: 3840x2160
  • FPS: 60
And my Hardware:
  • Intel i9-9900k
  • NVidia GeForce 2080 GTX
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Game running on an M.2 SSD
  • Recording is being written to a separate M.2 SSD

Do I need to tone down the resolution or FPS? Is Unity just hard on OBS, because it works fine in other games? I would have thought this machine should be able to handle 4k 60 FPS recording in any game.

(Logfile attached for more detailed information).


For now, try the following:

1) Disable Game mode under Windows settings (Win key + I)--> Gaming category and every other option in every subcategory;

2) Use "Game capture" instead of "Display Capture";

3) NVENC encoder is a better option for your use case scenario;

4) One small suggestion, save your recordings in .mkv or .FLV containers since you can recover those files in case of a crash or other issues that ends the recording unexpectedly. You can remux them to .mp4 after you're done through OBS main window-->File--->Remux recordings.
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I think I found the actual issue. At least it works now.

You see, I don't trust OBS-Shortcuts. So what I always did was Start Recording -> Start the game. And when I do it that way it lags out like crazy.

When I start the game and then start the recording everything works fine. I am not sure. Is it bad practice to start your recording before your game is open?