Localhost browser source not showing in overlay?


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Hello, I stream flight sim games on youtube and I use a program called Volanta to plan and track my flights and stuff. In the program, theres an option for an overlay that streams telemetry via a localhost HTML. When I set that url in my browser source, nothing shows up. If i paste the URL in Chrome, I see the overlay just fine, but it doesnt show in OBS. For me, the URL is http://localhost:53011/ and this is what it looks like when I paste the URL in Chrome

However, when I paste the URL in the browser source, I get nothing

Maybe I'm just missing something and this is an easy fix, but I'm stumped. Thanks for the help

Oh yeah and before I go, this is the only instruction given on the program:


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you're right, I meant to update a while ago. ill do that and see if it fixes it. thanks for getting back so soon