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Hi !
First let me thank you for making such a great program. Im a paid user of xsplit and I'm already trying to switch to OBS due to its excellent performance and lightweight interface.

Most of the features that are missing are already suggested and I'm sure you have a long list of requests, but let me add some more:

1) Save / Load presentations. I have a few different broadcast session every week, and with xsplit I just load the presentation for the show and its all set. I think OBS doesn't have this yet. The idea is that every presentation is saved so you have all your scenes/sources setup ready for the show

2) Ability to edit a scene on the fly while being live without showing it to viewers. It's not super important but could make the program a lot more professional as the broadcast itself

3) Ability to drag and drop sources like pictures and videos (once they are supported)

4) Ability to resize the preview window (scale viewport in xsplit) to tweak media placement, because as it is now, you dont get the full view of it and minor placement problems could occur

That is for now, I'll write again as I found more suggestions :)



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I have suggested 1, 2, and meant to suggest 3 to Jim. All are planned right now I think. Although 2 might be difficult.

For number 4, you can stretch the OBS window to whatever size you want and the preview will scale


Oh thanks i didnt know that were suggested before. I think my read through the forum wasn't deep enough :D

And i didnt know you could resize the preview, i think i tried and I couldn't. Time to try again when I get home.