Question / Help Lenovo ThinkPad P71 display settings


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OBS menu text is tiny to use on this Lenovo ThinkPad P71. It is runnning NVidia version 8.1.940.0. Can someone direct me to the correct settings/profile for OBS?

I've tried upping the text size and dropping resolution, but further tweaking (e.g. display profiles) is a bridge too far for me. Happy to hire a consult if it comes to that.

Last Log file:



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I should have said, it is "TOO tiny to use." I can't even see the text unless I get up just a few inches from the screen.


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It's not possible to make a recommendation on OBS settings without more information. Specifications alone are not enough. Need to know intended use, content for streaming, desired frame size/frame rate, etc.

Scaling will negatively impact quality, especially on text. Better to build your scenes for the lower target resolution (720p, presumably) and make the text large enough to survive compression.