[Laptop|Win8.1] OBS not recording on dedicated gpu


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Laptop Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i3-5005u @ 2.00GHz (2c/4t)
GPU: Intel HD 5500 + Nvidia Geforce 930m
RAM: 2*4GB DDR3 1666mhz SODIMM
Resolution: 1366x768
OS: Windows 8.1 Pro N 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600)

I recently downgraded from Windows 10 to 8.1. I have been using obs on Windows 10 for a while and there was no problem recording on dedicated GPU (930m) using Quicksync h.264. Tried hooking up CS:GO or League of Legends but none works. Interestingly, when looking at Nvidia GPU Activity obs seems to flicker and when it does the fps drops down from 30fps (When minimized) to 7-8fps (When in focus). The flickering does not happen when obs is minimized but it still won't record. NOTE: The game does not flicker or crash when obs is flickering. At the logs you can see "Device Remove/Reset! Rebuilding all assets..." constantly being spammed.

Things I tried:
- Restarting laptop
- Reinstall OBS
- Running OBS as admin
- Using x264 (when using this the recording proceeds there is audio but no Video.


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