Laggy record on FIFA 22


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Hi, when i recording FIFA 22 then the record is laggy but game working in 60 fps, other games recording normally, how can i fix this?


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Post a logfile from a recording session at least 30 seconds in length, and we can take a look. We really do need a logfile to see what's going on, and give accurate troubleshooting advice.


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Lots to process there.

First, you appear to be using some weird encoder options, a number of which aren't... actually encoder options. I'm guessing they got pasted in from a 'best settings guide' somewhere? They should be removed.

Second, you have a Display Capture and a Game Capture in the same scene. This can (will) cause performance issues, even if the Display Capture is set not-visible. Display Capture should be avoided if at all possible. If you need one, it should be in its own separate scene.

Third, you show a LOT of missed frames due to rendering delay. Usually this means that the game is eating ALL the GPU time, and OBS can't finish its housekeeping tasks (though the display/game capture could also be contributing to this). As you're on an nVidia GT 630, it's most likely the game. You can try running OBS as Administrator to enable a GPU Priority workaround, so OBS gets 'first dibs' on GPU time. It should only take about 1%. If this doesn't work, you may need to turn down some in-game graphics settings to lighten the GPU load, and/or use a framerate limiter to ensure the game isn't just running full-tilt invisibly.

Fourth, go into Settings->Advanced, and set your color range back to Partial. 709 space is still fine, but you'll get color skew unless you have a true end-to-end RGB colorspace production pipeline. Most do not, as it takes a lot of work to set one up.