Keybind to show/hide sources inside a scene


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I'm looking for a way to bind some keys of my keyboard in a way i can show / hide any source without need to go to OBS and check/uncheck the checkbox.

Anyone knows a solution or its no possible yet ?

Thank you in advance.

On OBS and OBS Studio.
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In the classic OBS we have the option to set a keybind to switch to a different scene. A similar feature should be added to OBS Studio in the future to gain feature parity.
Adding the ability to set a hotkey for each source to switch between show/hide could be something that will be added as well. It has been requested before and can be useful to quickly hide a Webcam for example or shortly disable the desktop capture while entering a password.


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There are already hotkey settings to show/hide sources in OBS Studio. Check the Hotkeys settings panel.

Michael Phillips

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how about for classic version? as part of the properties of each source (have a "are you sure" dialog if used, then options: replace, share (more one item set to same keybinding), cancel

also if possible a delay before activating (usefull for single button multi assignments)


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To elaborate this a bit more, development for the classic version has stopped. You are of course free to add it, be sure to make a pull request if you do so.