Jabbah OpenXR mirror capture - black screen


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I have issues with the jabbah openxr mirror capture plugin V2.5+2.3 and no VR is recognized and the screen keeps black. I just changed for streaming with this plug in back to obs studio. I followd all steps in the guide therefor. The only thing which is not working, is the powershell execution to install the plugin fully automated. This means I have to add the necessary adds manually to my registry. This could be the reason why my screens are black, i dont know. Thats why I would be grateful, if you could guide me in sending me required advices to get that plugin installed properly. how did you exactly installed the plugin itself? How must the registry entries looks like and where do i have to add them correctly via regedit command? how must regedit entry looks like in detail at the end? what steps did you followed to solve the black screen issues. any other sources even openvr is fully recognized and are working perfectly. many thanks for supporting me in solving this issues. many thanks. I use OBS Studio 30.0.0, Windows 11 23H2 64bit, RTX 4090 by the way.


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+1 for this. Exactly the same problem, including having to manually add the registry keys, but the OBS OpenXR mirror source within OBS remains black. If I swap to my pre-existing Oculus Mirror source (for which I have to open the Oculus mirror) it displays correctly. Support would be much appreciated...what info/ logs are required for support?