Bug Report Issues with a couple games with window capture OBS 23


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hey just wanted to report an issue with a couple games that I noticed had issue with window capture

Garrys mod looks really dark in the recording and preview but obviously not in game.

Screenshot from 2019-03-03 21-10-47.png

And Minecraft when added to the window capture doesn't even show up on preview and doesn't even show up on the recording

Screenshot from 2019-03-03 21-15-28.png

I have tested other games and they seem to be fine


I got the same issue. Windows capture in Chrome browser is the same. Black window even if I turned off hardware acceleration in Chrome.


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Hello friends.
I've never had this issue, until I had it. Turns out anyone who gets it working has Optifine installed. Search duckduckgo for Optifine, it'll be #1.

Every version I run without Optifine is a black screen, cursor if I'm lucky.
Every version I run with Optifine is a successful stream.
We have this issue with new versions because Optifine is never finished on current version release day.
You may have a working profile like I do, not realizing that the launcher JAR was set to Optifine ages ago - and not understand why one works!

If you're playing 1.13.x, get it now and RELAX! You're frustrated and you deserve it.
If you're playing 1.14, be patient. It's going to be okay.

Friendly reminder brought to you by smellycraft.com! Have a fearless and exciting year.


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This isn't the issue, still does it on stock Minecraft 1.14, the only way I can record it is by recording my whole desktop...