Issue with game screen freezing on OBS (PC and Xbox Series S)


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Hi Everyone!

I just started setting up things in order to stream on twitch but I'm having an issue with some PC games and EVERY game played on xbox.

I set up one scene for PC games and another one for xbox games on OBS.

For PC I chose "game capture" and then "capture any fullscreen aplication". Thing is...depending on which game I have currently opened OBS reacts differently when I change the screen. I've tried with Broforce, Snowrunner, Earth defense force 5 and Warhammer vermintide 2. The first 3 games would keep running like usual on OBS even after I chose another If I wanted to check something on discord or in an internet browser. The last game, vermintide, would either "freeze" or just become a black screen on OBS every time I changed screens and the game was still running.

For the XBOX games I'm streaming the console screen to my PC using XBOX's own app. On OBS I chose "game capture" then " specific window" and chose the console's app as the selected window to show on the scene. The problem here is the same with Vermintide. If I'm in the streaming app screen the game is running like usual on OBS but if I go to any other tab...discord...a browser or anything else, the game presentation on OBS just freezes.

Does anyone knows what can be causing these issues and how can I solve them?