Is this setup worth it?


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Hello I’m looking for a cheap PC to stream Videos in the background some music and probably one window showing my browser, nothing gaming related.

I would love to know which resolution and frame rate it can achieve (if it can stream in the first place):

i5-4570 3,2Ghz
Intel HD Graphics 4600
250Gb HDD

Thank you guys!


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That CPU is ill-suited to the computationally demanding task of real-time video encoding. Be aware that your PC is old (8 generations), and under-powered for such work. IF it will work (and I don't know that it will), you are going to need a simplistic OBS setup, and optimize OS and OBS for an under-powered PC. And a HDD vs SSD won't help [a $US$50 SATA SSD would speed up the computer overall nicely... whether enough for real-time video encoding.. that I don't know].

For reference, with my advanced OS knowledge and a clean, trimmed down new Win10 install, I tried to stream with an Intel i5-6300HQ (2.3GHz 4c/4t circa Fall 2015), 8GB RAM, SATA SSD Win 10 Home edition, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M and failed as the PC wasn't up to the task (no gaming, just alternating between USB webcam and simple pre-recorded videos, alongside a PPTx slide show window capture, streaming at 720p 30fps with no OBS effects/filters). I’ve learned a lot more about OBS since then, and I might be able to just squeak it out, but wasn’t worth it
So an even older, lower tier CPU, lacking a dedicated gaming GPU with encode offload than what I had ... uh, be careful with expectations. Now, there are some on here that have even lower end equipment working, so it is possible... with EXPERT level knowledge (OS, and OBS). So start with 720p30 and see if you can get that working.


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If you toss in an nVidia 10-series (NOT the 1030!) or newer, you should be able to stream on that system just fine through NVENC.
Without a GPU upgrade, the CPU is on the older side; you'd probably be able to swing 1080p30 or 720p60 with software x264.

Best to do is just install OBS, and let the Auto-Configuration Wizard get you set up with recommended settings.