Is this a monitor issue? please help


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hi, i've been trying to figure out somthing for about a year now, when im recording everything seems to sharp in a way, its hard to explain, but once i play back the recording on my 144hz monitor it looks like i said really sharp, a little jumpy, i have tried to put my monitor down to 120hz to see if that helped or i put it to 60hz still doesnt do anything but once i put it onto my 60hz monitor it looks very clear, and very smooth like a profesional youtuber had just recorded a video, once i uploaded a video to youtube i thought maybe this would change and it'd be fine but again even on the website once i have the video on my 144 hz monitor its very sharp and grainy almost, but i put it onto my 60hz monitor and looks fine just to much contrast, can anyone help me, its been driving me mad for about a year, thanks


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Sounds like you just have the sharpness setting too high on your 144hz monitor if things look fine on your other one.