Is there any ways to compile OBS-Studio on arm64 CentOS 8


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Hi guys I just got an Oracle account trying to run a YouTube streaming on it. As I don't want to pay it, I created an instance that is Ampere Arm64 6 Cores with Oracle Linux 8 running on it.

I did a little digging realized that Oracle Linux is compatible with RHEL, and for Oracle Linux 8 is RHEL 8. I also found that CentOS 8 is compatible with RHEL 8. Which is said, Oracle Linux 8 is compatible with CentOS in some ways.

At first, I found a .rpm package for CentOS 8 ( - OBS Studio) and after manually resolving the dependency (for some reasons some of them just can't install automatically and I need to find them one by one on I installed it successfully.

However, this pre-compiled package is the one that excludes the web source, which it's not the one I'd expect. And so I decided to compile it from Scratch.

As the guide goes on the Linux Installation, I installed the other packages except for the gcc-objc. When I run the command
yum install gcc-objc
, what it gives is:

[root@streamingoracle8 Downloads]# yum install gcc-objc
Last metadata expiration check: 6:11:02 ago on Sat 12 Jun 2021 01:44:48 PM JST.
No match for argument: gcc-objc
Error: Unable to find a match: gcc-objc

And on [ - gcc-objc], it does have the package for CentOS but just CentOS 7. I fired up an instance with Oracle Linux 7.9 in which is compatible with CentOS 7, it did install after settling properly. However, there're some other packages, like x264-devel, only in CentOS 8. In which they're certainly, no.

Is there any ways to do this? Or if anyone can give me a link of OBS Studio with the web source? I've run out of ideas.