1. I

    compile error: "Neither Qt5 or Qt6 were found" although Qt6.5 is installed

    Hello, I tried on my Fedora 38 machine to compile OBS because I need the libobs for the plugin to compile it. I tried to compile Obs and installed all dependencies from the error messages. But after installing qt 6 it shows still the message...
  2. S

    Is there any ways to compile OBS-Studio on arm64 CentOS 8

    Hi guys I just got an Oracle account trying to run a YouTube streaming on it. As I don't want to pay it, I created an instance that is Ampere Arm64 6 Cores with Oracle Linux 8 running on it. I did a little digging realized that Oracle Linux is compatible with RHEL, and for Oracle Linux 8 is...
  3. Pwned

    searching for someone who can compile obs-studio for me

    Hi, i changed one value in a config, to increase the refreshrate for the "Audio-Mixer" from 30fps to 60fps. but i dont have any experience to compile any projects. so im search for somebody who can recompile obs-studio (win10 64bit - newest build) for me. This is the file...
  4. mrwappa

    How to compile changes to the build and debug?

    I'm developing on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) with VS Code. I was under the impression that building with CMake would compile my changes into the new build under the build/rundir/RelWithDebInfo/bin/64bit directory. So, I just made a small change in the UI by changing the text string on the "Start...
  5. P

    Question / Help How to develop obs-studio on MAC OS?

    Like the title, I can compile obs-studio in xcodo, but it does not support qt ui, how can I add functions to obs-studio and recompile it? I can not find wiki to compile obs-studio by QT Creator
  6. SodaScripter

    Question / Help Error compiling obs-studio-24.0.3 on Gentoo

    soda@ChadTop obs-studio-24.0.3/build » make -j4 [ 1%] Built target obspython_swig_compilation [ 2%] Built target media-playback [ 3%] Built target glad [ 3%] Built target obslua_swig_compilation [ 3%] Built target obs-ffmpeg-mux [ 25%] Built target libobs [ 26%] Built target file-updater [...
  7. M

    [Walkthrough] Build OBS-Studio for win64

    Hey Folks... ED: When i visit bigger Projects, im always unsure about build problems and read for easy reproduceable success stories. So heres one: I just followed the steps given within the OBS-Studio Wiki and succeeded with it. - Here are some shortcuts if your like me and just want to build...