Bug Report Invalid Stream Key Error


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When I stream for over 10 hours on Twitch.tv, OBS will suddenly disconnect and fail to reconnect, citing an "Invalid Stream Key" error. I still get this error even after resetting my stream key multiple times and switching Twitch.tv servers. This happens at least once a day when I stream and it effectively ends my stream because half of my viewers leave by the time it magically starts working again 15 minutes later. I know that the issue is not related to my connection because I can stream to my secondary Twitch.tv channel just fine using OBS whenever I am encountering this error.

Does anyone know if this is an OBS issue or a Twitch.tv issue? I'm a Partner on Twitch.tv as well, if that could have any relevance to this situation.


hilalpro, he/she said that the error still occurs even after resetting the key multiple times, and switching between the servers doesn't seem to help the situation either... My only suggestion is to use another application to stream with for a day, to see if it still happens or not. But this sounds like an issue related to twitch.tv still, so you should maybe ask them for help, Raini.

Just want to know, what version of OBS are you using?


I don't have an answer. I'm pretty sure it's not OBS, though I couldn't say that with 100% certainty. Could you put up a log file with this? Would like to check a few things with it. I'll also check the code for it (again) to make sure it's not possibly something on OBS' end.


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I contacted Twitch.tv about it and was given some baloney cardboard explanation about how it was likely my Internet connection. It was suggested that I test and see if I still get this issue after the recent Twitch.tv maintenance (which happened yesterday).

I am using the latest version of OBS, v0.472b, but I'm going to try using the beta. I'm sorry that I do not have a log file to provide you with Jim. I will make sure to mark the time when this event occurs again though so that I can provide you with a log file.


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As far as I can tell, it seems to be an issue with the user getting disconnected from the ingest server (the server you're streaming to), and the server not realizing that the user has gotten disconnected and thus preventing you from initializing a new connection until the old one gets cleared out, which is why it usually fixes itself if you just wait for a little bit.


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I have this bug now.
I've tried resetting the key, typing the key in manually in the .ini file, but for some reason it wont allow me to stream.
It worked last night, but not today.
Any ideas about this?


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I've seen this error happen when it's not a problem with the stream key, just with connection to the ingest server. Changing Twitch servers often helps.