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OBS Lua Instant Replay Vlc 1.3


hey @Exeldro how can I replay the last clip from my instant replay. it look like Lua is not selecting the last video. I always keep getting the same video I selected when setting up the media source.


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CNDS 2024

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Hello I have been trying to get this to work for a long time and can't. This script works great for instant replays but I am trying to get 1 replay to save and start playing with a hot key and then get another to play with a seperate hot key on the same replay screen. Only issue I'm having is that I can't change the hot key in the LUA script to be able to be 2 seperate hot keys.

Basically I stream an online drift simulator competition and want to show Run 1 and Run 2 beside each other.

I've tried copying the script and changing the hot key but it will not allow me to do it.
Any help with this would be amazing