Instant replay does not honor Max Replay Time


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I am trying to use this feature to show instant replays on a live stream of my kid's hockey game. I am using OBS as a virtual camera for youtube live. I have two scenes defined, one uses the USB Camera source (my external video camera), the other is for replay and uses the replay buffer file.

I have configured instant replay to save to a file called "Replay", mp4, and blank filename formatting, names without spaces. The replay buffer is set to 5s, estimated memory usage is 20 MB.

When I start the replay buffer it appears to work. After 15 seconds I click save. If I then select my replay scene, I see that the the replay (all 15 seconds) is played back as I would expect (although I had to turn on "Close file when inactive" for the source or nothing would show up).

The problem is that at a later time if I re-save the replay buffer it seems to write out a lot more than 15 seconds. I cannot get the replay buffer to be less than about 60 seconds. The Replay file is now about 260MB. I'm also unable to scrub forward when playing back the replay scene so this makes it difficult to play back the appropriate footage in the short time I have before the next face off.

I had this problem with OBS version 27 and I upgraded to 28.1.2 and still have the issue.

How can I get the replay buffer down to a reasonable length?