Question / Help In some games records looks very laggy


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Hi guys, i'm new on this forum.
I decided to look for help here because i noticed a strange thing. I tried to record Fortnite on OBS with these settings:, I looked the record and the quality was really good, same the framerate. In game, when i'm not recording i have 140 fps+, during record 120 fps.
These days i've tried to record Dead By daylight, with the same settings. I have 100 fps off record, 80-100 during record. I noticed that the quality in the Dead by Daylight's record was really bad and laggy, but can't really understand why. I've tried to run these settings too, but nothing.
I've looked for this forum and the result was nothing. Any solution?

PS: I use game capture and i've tried to enable V-SYNC and it wasn't laggy but the input lag rends the game unplayable.

There is a video when u can see the difference of smothness :
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