game doesnt lag

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    Question / Help In some games records looks very laggy

    Hi guys, i'm new on this forum. I decided to look for help here because i noticed a strange thing. I tried to record Fortnite on OBS with these settings:, I looked the record and the quality was really good, same the framerate. In game, when...
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    Question / Help Game is running fine but stream is lagging

    I tried to stream Kingdom Come: Deliverance through cpu and the later tried through gpu but stream is lagging. this wasnt happening before and I was able to stream without a problem suddenly this problem occured.I added some of my logs. You may take a look. I would really appreciate any kind of...
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    Question / Help Stream lagging BAD only Overwatch

    Hi, so recently my stream has started lagging BAD when I play Overwatch, have tried Dead By Daylight and doesnt lag at all. I recently moved but this place has better internet (100mb down/110mb up). I have tried lowering bitrate, usually have it on 3500 but put it down to 3000 and more. Changed...