Import/Export Scenes?


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Would it be possible for OBS to be able to implement a scene import/export feature?
So if you have a specific scene laid out in a certain way, and you need to put it onto another PC. Then would it be possible to make it take all the items in a scene and list their positions, sizes, file paths, etc. All into one file which you can then save, take to a new PC and then import and have it place everything as it was. With of course a prompt box if the images that are needed, are not in the directory designated,etc.

For a streamed, this would be soooooo helpful! Especially for someone who travels a lot and till likes to stream, this would be great!!



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Note that images have to be in the same place on the new computer as the old in order for a scene collection with images to appear correctly, otherwise it will all just appear red.