I'm really blown away.


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Thanks so much for this new update; you've really done an amazing job with this program.

The one complaint I had (which I thought may had been a user error on my part) has been taken care of in v0.40a, and it came with even more great features and quality additions, especially the color fix and file saving, props!

You've blown the competition away, if you've even considered them competition, and you've done it with class, you guys are unbelievably kind and knowledgeable.

OBS is my main streaming software from now on, and I'll be recommending it to everyone I can. I've used just about every streaming software out there, and I cannot believe just how good OBS is, not only in the current state of alpha, but the software as a whole.

So again, thank you, and keep up the amazing work!


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Oh so downscaling is working properly on your end as well then? I'm glad to hear it -- that was admittedly quite a nasty little bug to pinpoint, turned out to be floating point precision issues. Nasty things to deal with. Especially when they happen in an impossible-to-debug pixel shader.

And no no, thank you for helping test everything out. Without you and everyone else who have been testing it, using it, experimenting with it, getting the application to this point would not have been possible.