I need major help ASAP.


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I have had a huge problem recently, I used to be able to stream OR record Fortnite, league of legends and other games on 120+ Fps with no problem for 2 YEARS! but recently I haven't been able to. whenever i try to stream or record those games i get 30-50FPS and my entire stream gets very laggy. None of the temps of my computer have gone up the past few months so im very confused and content creating is my full time job. This is a huge problem that i need to fix and i hope you know how to help me. MY SPECS: "i stream or record with my CPU" 16GB RAM, GTX 1060 (never goes above 60% ever), Ryzen 7 2700x (never goes above 75%), im not sure what my power supply is and idk how to check it, my mother board is an AB350-gaming3 (ryzen 7 compatible), and my local disk is 230GB, then i have 3 other drive things with 250GB of storage.
i tried using my GPU to stream or record a while back and it went horrible lol (yes i cleaned my PC a few days ago, that boosted the FPS for the games when im not recording or streaming but whenever i record its still gets 40FPS and the video lags a bunch)