Question / Help I have no idea what my problem is.


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So I’m super new to OBS. I’ve tried a few things to fix a laggy stream but no avail.
I have 11 mbps upload speed. It’s a wired connection to my laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 130s). I set the auto configuration wizard and it set it at 6,000 bitrate. I moved it down manually to 3500 bitrate with 128 audio bitrate to no avail. These are the specs of my laptop. I use the razer kiyo camera as well, I don’t know if that makes a difference. I get a lot of dropped frames and it says my cpu is overloaded or something. I’m just really confused on what steps I can take to fix it at this point.
Log file below from last night:


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Unfortunately, that laptop is severely underpowered. 2 cores, 1.1ghz. Your best bet is going to be relying on QuickSync for your encoding, and setting your resolution low enough to the point where you run into minimal frame drops to encoding lag.

If you haven't already, make sure you have the stats window open. This will show you in real-time where you're losing frames.

Additionally, your windows is out of date -- you may want to update, and run OBS in administrator mode. This may help out with the rendering lag you are encountering, but it's hard to say what's due to GPU prioritization and what's due to just overloading your system.


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So would it be best to just return this laptop and get a new one, because that was the whole purpose of it was for me to stream with it. Is there any other solution?