I have a 3060 but when streaming or recording its very choppy, there are lots of frame drops and down right looks really shitty


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So I started recording/streaming on my RTX 3060 12GB of VRam, AMD Ryzen 7 5800x, and 16GB of 3200Mhz of Ram. Every time I record or stream the recording are either super choppy and laggy and just plain low quality. I've tested every single setting, searched up the most optimal settings for OBS and not a single thing has changed. I tried to see if the games I was playing were taking up much Vram but there is more than half of it not in Usage. I'm using the Nvenc encoder and everything. Also running in Administration mode

Do I need to somehow unlock more Vram for OBS?

My old computer with way shittier parts worked with OBS way better

Pls help I've tried every single thing imaginable to fix this


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You've set the color mode to RGBA, which NVENC does not support. This forces falling back to x264 CPU-bound encoding. Swap back to YV12.

You also are using a Display Capture in the same scene as a Game Capture, which often causes performance issues. NEVER use Display Capture if avoidable. If you absolutely MUST use it for something, place it in its own scene with no Game or Window Captures.
You're also using multiple Display Captures pointed at the same display, which almost always will cause major performance issues. Delete them, and use 'add existing' to use just one.
Likewise if you have multiple Game Captures pointed at the same game. Delete and Add Existing.

You're also recording directly to MP4, which you should NEVER DO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. MP4 is not a recording-safe format, and the mp4 files that OBS records natively generally will cause significant issues (including full crashes) in many video editors. Record to MKV and remux to MP4 from the OBS File menu if you need MP4s for something.