I can hear my LogicPro Plugins, but can not see them when I play back my video.


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Hey there,

I'm brand new to OBS streaming, and am facing a weird problem. So I successfully set up my audio from Logic to BlackHole to OBS, and can successfully see my desired windows from Logic to OBS. All good.

The problem is when I insert a plugin on one of my tracks while recording in OBS, everything on my end seems fine. For an example, if I insert an EQ plugin, I can work with it, and can hear what the plugin is doing. Then, I stop the recording and play back the video. In the video, I notice that I can hear what that EQ plugin is doing to my audio, but can not actually see the plugin in action. I can't even see my mouse moving when I am working within Logic.

Very very confused, tried to mess with different settings, but have absolutely no clue why this is happening.

Any help would be GREAT.



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I am a complete fool, I didn't account that I was on Window Capture when I should have been on Display Capture.