audio plugins

  1. propz

    OBS Regularly crashes - whats wrong with my setup?

    Hi guys, I'm not sure why my OBS crashes from time to time. Sometimes I can stream for like 3 hours and everyhting works fine... sometimes I just start OBS and it crashes. And is it normal, that OBS keeps streaming after a crash? It's kinda nice but weird ^^...
  2. R

    I can hear my LogicPro Plugins, but can not see them when I play back my video.

    Hey there, I'm brand new to OBS streaming, and am facing a weird problem. So I successfully set up my audio from Logic to BlackHole to OBS, and can successfully see my desired windows from Logic to OBS. All good. The problem is when I insert a plugin on one of my tracks while recording in...
  3. theredchord411

    Soundtoys Little Plate VST causing OBS to crash?

    I just started adding Sountoys Little Plate as an audio filter in OBS and it functions perfectly fine when OBS is running, but noticed that I get a 100% crash rate upon closing OBS. Last log file:
  4. Knee_Deep_In_OBS

    Custom VST path?

    Is there a way to add a directory to where OBS looks for VST plugins in Windows 10? I read this so I know where OBS currently looks for VST plugins. Problem is that I already have a lot of VST plugins installed in a custom...
  5. F

    Question / Help I started streaming this year, and I've run across some issues.

    I started streaming this year, and had some success, but then I upgraded my gpu to a 1660 super, I thought this would improve streaming performance but I've been having the 'encoding overloaded' error and can't find a fix. I tried changing all settings to minimum, and it even happens when I'm...