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[HOWTO] Easy Non-Square Webcam

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Easy Non-Square Webcam - Apply an Alpha Mask (Alpha Channel) to your webcam for easy shapes!

Making a non-square webcam is easy with OBS 0.11+ (it may work on earlier versions, I haven't tested). The way we will do this is to create an alpha mask with an alpha channel.

Alpha Masks are on the opposite side of the idea coin from a Chroma Key. While not exactly "opposites", they care about the opposite thing. A Chroma Key cares about the a single color (or range of colors) and makes them transparent. An Alpha Mask takes a single color (or location)...

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I don't see an option to add filters (using OBS 0.655b). Is there something special required for this?
Took a picture of my green screen with Windows 8.1's Camera App:

Then made a mask out of it in Paint.Net. First made it green, but then my cam got a green hue. So I made it white!
(see attached image)
Cam Masked:
Cam Mask.png

(don't mind the goofy grin :) )
Cam Masked and Chroma Keyed:
Cam Mask and Greenscreen.png

Thanks TickleMeOzmo!


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