How To: Use your Phone as a Webcam on PC (wireless) iOS & Android [Tutorial]

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How To: Use your Phone as a Webcam on PC (wireless) iOS & Android [Tutorial] - Use your Phone as a webcam in OBS!

This quick Tutorial video guide shows you how you can use your smartphone (iPhone iOS & Android) as a webcam for your laptop or desktop PC with O.B.S.

The example I am giving is when you use it with the recording/livestreaming software O.B.S. but it should work for Skype and other purposes aswell! This is an excellent option if you are in need of an extra webcam.

How To: use your smartphone as a webcam:

This is an example of how I was...

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I had better results using Mobiola webcam. Has more options, and doesn't require a service. Nice guide though.


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I had better results using Mobiola webcam. Has more options, and doesn't require a service. Nice guide though.
Thanks the9quad! Glad you liked it. Mobiola is android only I think? There are some other apps in the appstore that I know of but most are paid!

The version I was using in the tutorial was free (your app seems to be free aswell) people can defenately try other apps out aswell! It should work the same :)


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Thanks for the tutorial. I watched this one and the OBS one.
Hi Tadgo :)

Thank you for the appreciation..! If you have an Intel CPU you can also record with a low-to-none performance impact if you use QuickSync. If applicable, it can be of use :)

Feel free to contact me here any time.


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Great tutorial. Sadly I've downloaded and installed EpocCam for the iPhones and gone through the download and installations of the drivers. All that works. Downloaded the app that's required for EpocCam to work on the desktop.

I boot up OBS create my scene with the very creative name scene 1.

I add select Video Capture Device as a source, however when I go to select preferences the Device drop down menu and Preset are red and there's no options in the drop down menu.

Again i'm really sorry if this has been asked a lot I'm just frustrated not knowing what I'm doing wrong.
Is anyone here using an Android mobile device as an IP camera and found a way to pull in the audio from the mobile device? ( I want to use it as a crowd mic for a live event )


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I was trying out iriun with huawei p30 and Mac as well as windows, but couldn’t get obs to detect the stream, and obs couldn’t even detect window capture, nothing shows up on the obs viewer. Is there something I need to do or are they not compatible? I assume Kris has managed to use iriun with obs, any advice Kris. Thanks!


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Thanks guys, I've been looking around for a use of my Samsung S7 Edge and this worked flawlessly on my Huawei P20 Pro at least, Iriun 4K webcam was really easy to setup and get going. I will try this with the S7 later today.

If you got problems with Iriun 4K just make sure you have allowed it in the Win 10 firewall and that you really are on the same WiFi network (or connected through USB teethering without any problems).


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I cant seem to get this to work properly

so I have tried both the epocam and iriun methods and I can get video from the phone (using a oneplus 7 pro) but I cant seem to get audio from the phone as the mic on the phone is much better than the mic on my laptop. I want to use the phone to stream music over FB.
once connected the VU meter for the video capture device does not move
help please


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I'm having really good luck using droidcam OBS with an android phone and linux OBS studio. Unfortunately, the android/ios droidcam client is non-free, but at least the OBS plug-in is open source. Both audio and video work, and latency is good. Security of the WiFi mode doesn't seem great, as there's no way to put a password on the camera, but at least the app seems smart enough to listen only on the local WiFi. Presumably with USB mode it can't be remotely hacked. I haven't used Iriun, so don't know how the two approaches compare.


I just switched over from using DroidCam X to DroidCam OBS Amazing improvement Latency so low on WiFi that the cams are in sync with my C920 Not really worried about security If the cam gets compromised then so is my whole network and then I have much bigger issues