How To Save Recordings Of Your Stream In OBS

How To Save Recordings Of Your Stream In OBS

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How To Save Recordings Of Your Stream In OBS - Saving Your Stream To Your PC When You Go Live.

Step One: Open OBS Introduction
Open OBS And Be On The Main W I know there are probably 100s of tutorials on how to record with OBS when going live but I did this one up for /r/Twitch because some of my viewers asked me and I know some newer streamers are unaware of this. I also know there are different methods of this but I wanted to keep it basic and straight forward. I hope this helps some people and maybe I...

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Chad Dillon

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Thanks Vaughn. Anyone else find that this really bogs down your system? I am running 16GB Ram and an i7-4790k and it still strains things.
OBS MP can stream and record simultaneously. You can even set different conflicts for both or use the same settings for both which I believe lightens the load on your system
But this means it got to encode two streams at once?

I believe if you set the recording option to use "stream encoder" that it will basically save the exact same thing you are streaming. If this is the case I would bet that the difference onCPU overhead to stream and record vs doing one or the other would be minimal