How to Install Portable OBS for Mac


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Hello all,
I've wanted to use OBS to livestream concerts for some time now, unfortunately the application puts such a strain on my old computer that it either can't keep up with the stream or it just crashes all together.

I head that there are ways to run OBS off of a portable install from a hard drive similar to Reaper, this would take some of the strain off my system, but I haven't been able to find instructions on how to do this using a Mac computer instead of windows. Is someone out there willing to walk me through?

The help is very much appreciated!


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EU consegui instalar uma versão mais antiga e funciona muito bem ,meu é um macbook pro 2011 i7 16 gb ram ,vou deixar o link clique aqui


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I try to download OBS but when I try to open it a message "damaged image" appears. And I can not download it