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OBS Studio How to do HLS streaming in OBS (Open Broadcast Studio)


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How to do HLS streaming in OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) - Stream using any web server

HLS is not a supported 'stream' type in OBS; however you can configure it to record in HLS format.

The trick is to map your website as a network drive so it appears just like another local disk to OBS.

Video explanation

In HLS format on simple web server:

What is HLS?

HLS allows you to stream live on any website; the website does not require special streaming...

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OBS is giving me the error insuficient disk space
So I installed webdav on my ubunntu server running apache2. I mapped the server to my OBS machine and now OBS claims there is insufficient disk space. I checked and there is plenty of disk space and I am able to read and write on the webdav serve that is running apache2 on ubuntu 20. any ideas?


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Hi all. I'm pretty new to OBS and streaming in general - but I have got this working with my webhost and am really impressed with it.
My webhost offers CPanel which has the Web Disk function - so it was easy to map a drive within Windows.

I am planning to test it when streaming 4K@50HZ video soon.

I have seen there are lots of paid for Streaming Platforms out there - and they are not cheap either - I am trying to understand what the bottlenecks are likely to be in this approach (HLS to your own webserver).

Assuming a healthy PC that can manage the encoding / output process - I think the main bottlenecks between my streaming PC (with OBS) and my Web Server are:
My ISPs upload link
The reliability / stability of the Web Disk protocol

However assuming the written data (M3U8 and .TS files) get sent to the webserver in good time and without error - what are the other bottlenecks related to the number of viewers you have?

Is it at this point where the more viewers you have, the more strain is put on the web server - and so this is where the fancy paid for platforms with CDNs etc become necessary?

Many thanks :)