How can I mirror my phone audio to OBS without my Microphone?


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I want to stream Stardew Valley on Twitch from my phone. I don't want to stream it from my pc as I started it on my phone and would have to start from the beginning if I wanted to play it on PC.

I have found two Mirror Apps that work for me (AirCast and LetsView).
The problem with both of them is: whenever I enable the Sound, not only the game sound get's streamed on Twitch, but also my voice.

I use a professional microphone for my voice recording, I don't want to mix that up with my phones microphone, which is trash.
I haven't found an app that makes it possible to mirror the phone's screen to OBS, including the gamesound AND excluding the microphone sound.

I have tried the app "Microphone Blocker", I have tried disabling the permission to use the microphone for both apps. It all ends in the game sound not being streamed.

I'd be very greatful for a tipp, I want to stream Stardew Valley from my phone, so I want to mirror my screen, I want the game sound included, microphone excluded, that's it.

Thanks in advance!