Question / Help How can I add overlays in OBS?


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I'm fairly new to OBS.
I've googled a lot about this subject and it seems this functionality is removed from OBS?
So my question: Is there an alternative way except adding a Display Capture cause I've noticed with every added Display Capture my PC gets sluggier. And I need to add 4 overlays.

The overlays are from StarParse and are used with the game Star Wars The Old Republic.
If there is anyone out here who can help me or point me in the right direction I'd be a very happy streamer :)

If you need a really great solution for overlays, signup for a account.

Here’s a video overview

If you’re ambitious, you can even create your own overlays instead of using the basic templates using the Composer.
You get to Composer via the Dashboard after you create an account.
It's a full platform for creating and controlling overlays.