High pitched voice being muted by microphone [Audio Problem]


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Hello there!

So my girlfriend's main problem happens everytime she laughs or raises her tone a little. This is happening to her everytime, always with OBS and we have tried different microphones (Blue yeti, and the current one is Razen Siren X).
You can hear the voice here

The only filter that the microphone have is a Noise reduction (RNNoise), and nothing else. I would like to know (if it is possible) how to adjust the microphone levels in order to hear her full voice range, even when she does that laugh or raises the tone.

Thank you in advance!


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I didn't hear anything out of the ordinary in that short recording, but that might be because I'm not familiar with the original.

Anyway, I wonder if the Noise Suppressor is getting confused. it's designed for a spoken voice only, and absolutely everything else is considered noise to be removed. Lots of people have wondered what happened to their musical instruments or game sound effects. So I wonder if that particular tone is not recognized as speech?

If you take away the Noise Suppressor, is the problem solved? You might have noise then, but there are other (and perhaps better) ways to address that, most of them acoustic/physical.