Hey can somebody help me please?


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I download OBS studio and OBS virtual cam plugin and I want to use it on Omegle website to show people my paints but when I want to change the cam on google chrome it says it's on OBS virtual cam but Omegle website keep saying that the cam I'm using is the integrated cam of my laptop. Looks like the changes are never saved.
Can somebody help me to set OBS virtual cam on omegle please? I'd be very very thankful. I'll let a couple of screenshots so you can see what I mean.


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Use this,
Omegle uses webcam detection and will ban you if it reads "obs virtual camera" in the name.
I used it and changed the name, after the first time restarting my laptop it worked. But after the second time restarting it it doesn't work anymore, I can't even change it to another camera. Omegle always picks the integraded webcam even if I selected my usb webcam. Do you know why this is? And how to fix it so I can use obs?