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Hello everyone. Need help setting up OBS. Can't find anything decent in google or reddit, so i came here. I have only one pc and I would like to set such settings in the obs which would give a decent picture but at the same time the least input lag in games. I am most interested in the CSGO. (Maybe someday Destiny 2, but most likely never). Can you help me and explain about the input lag and codecs like x264 and NVENC. Which of these two gives more input lag, with which picture is better or worse? What settings can I experiment with? I would like to stream 900p, if its not possible, then 720p is enough tho, there is no reason to stream fast-paced games in 1080p, its always looks like shit.
In CSGO I have a 1920x1440 resolution stretched (it's 4: 3) with lowest graphics possible (for better input latency and vision). When I first launched OBS, there was a offer me auto tuning wizard or something like this. I said OK and test it. When I recorded, I found that the picture was really disgusting, and the input lag was too high in-game. Nothing was launched in background except steam, and obs, and ISLC. So probably it will look same on stream or even worse.
Windows 10 1909 x64
There is my hardware:
Ryzen 3600X (Stock)
ASRock B450 Pro4
Galaxy HOF 2x8Gb 3600Mhz (XMP Profile)
MSI Armor GTX1070 8Gb (Stock)
Attached speedtest results
If someone have similar or same setup, can u share your experience?
So i just ask some explain and help with settings.
Thank you! And sorry for my english


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