HELP! Questions on different scene set ups for different games


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So i just spent 4 hours working on a whole new stream profile for Rocksmith streams that completely ruined my original profile for playing games.

I need a separate profile for rocksmith as everything about the layout and how my streams runs will be different than how it is when im just playing regulars video games. So i tired to make a new profile thinking that anything i did on this profile would not effect the other profile i had for regular gaming, on the contrary when i went to switch back to my gaming profile it had mirrored every change i made to the rocksmith profile. Im not sure what i did wrong but luckily i ctrl +z my way back to the start but that was 4 hours of work. How can i have a seperate whatever i need to be able to have one profile set one way for videos games and one set up a different way for rocksmith without them effecting eachother when i make changes to one or the other